The Trash Compactor Vol. 1 No. 2, 1988


Coming out of Toronto, Canada, Trash Compactor rightly billed itself as ‘The Magazine of Our Disposable Culture” with each issue having a specific theme, giving it a more curated appeal even though many of the films covered may already have been known or familiar to their readers.

Volume 2 Number 1 is the earliest issue in my collection and was their ‘Mondo Mod issue’ featuring some great ad mats and coverage of hippie and drug culture films like Bummer!, Wild in the Streets, Riot on Sunset Strip, Beyond the Valley of the Dolls and more.

TTC took its ‘disposable culture’ seriously and presented a nice balance that revealed itself in the layout and reviews of trash culture which could be easily dismissed by others.

At least 18 issues were published, probably ending in 1996.

ABOUT the Deludinoids zine collection.

My contemporary publications inspired by Xerox-era zines are available HERE.

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