It’s Only A Movie No. 4, 1986


It’s Only A Movie was published by Michael Flores out of Chicago. The zine is as simple as it gets. Double-sided corner stapled xeroxed pages. Like all horror fanzines, this is a passionate effort, but the issues I have are much used to promote something called the Psychotronic Film Society, a film appreciation club in Chicago, making this zine a pretty regional newsletter that even had Chicago television listings just as Weldon did with his original Psychotronic zine. I recall Michael Weldon being annoyed with them and reading in an old issue of Psychotronic Magazine that the zine and society had nothing to do with Psychotronic Magazine. That being said, it’s interesting to note that in this issue, Flores promotes his latest event, the Rock ‘n’ Roll Psycho Festival with none other than Michael Weldon as a guest speaker. The event also included screenings of Wild Guitar and Faster, Pussycat! Kill! Kill! Kudos to Flores for his efforts, but he probably shouldn’t have been using the word ‘psychotronic’ so freely and so often.

Also in this issue an appreciation for Swamp Thing, Cat Fights of the 80s and on television which includes Cattle Annie and Little Britches right along side The Concrete Jungle! Also, a few capsule reviews for Future Kill, The Hills Have Eyes 2 and a couple others.

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My contemporary publications inspired by Xerox-era zines are available HERE.

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