Videooze No. 1, Fall 1990


When I first came across Videooze, it became an instant favorite. Published by Bob Sargent out of Alexandria, Virginia, the zine set itself apart with its clean, professional layout and design which was done on a Mac with QuarkXpress, something almost unheard of when most publishers were cutting out type and photos and pasting them to individual sheets of paper for xeroxing. The zine that touted itself as ‘Your Guide To Obscure Horror and Exploitation On Videotape’ was surprisingly slick and was definitely a sign of the changing times.

Along with the professional look, Videooze was also well written and did not bombard the reader with snark or wallow in how ‘bad’ some movies under review were.  Between 1990-1994 only six issues were published, all laid out in a similar format and maintaining the large Videooze type design on the cover. 

Issue Number One includes an article titled The Witching Hour – Inquisitorial Witch-Hunting in the Horror Film, a mini profile on Italian actress Rosalba Neri, and reviews for The House That Screamed, The Devil’s Female, The Sadist of Notre Dame, Count Dracula’s Great Love and others including Buio Omega aka Buried Alive, Joe D’Amato’s necrophile classic that I managed to see in a 42nd Street grindhouse on my first visit to New York in 1983.

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My contemporary publications inspired by Xerox-era zines are available HERE.

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