Slimetime #16, 1988

Not counting Psychotronic Magazine, Slimetime was my first introduction to the world of film fanzines. Published by Steve Puchalski out of Syracuse, New York, the single-stapled zine with its distinctive green cover and well-written reviews made a lasting impression.

Slimetime #16 runs ten pages and includes reviews for Herschell Gordon Lewis’ She-Devils On Wheels, Stuart Gordon’s Dolls, House By The Edge Of The Park, Horror of the Blood Monsters, Eaten Alive, Corrupt, Sugar Hill, two Larry Cohen films—Black Caesar and It’s Alive III: Island of the Alive, plus several more.

Back in the day, zines like Slimetime were invaluable for information gathering. Obscure horror and exploitation films, more often than not, would remain on a ‘must see list’ for years. Now, 35 years later, I find that these cheaply, but passionately produced zines are still a valuable source of information. In the era of streaming video, many impossible to find movies are now readily available for viewing and old zines are key to rediscovering what fell through the cracks. For whatever reason, I never felt compelled to watch an alligator-that-eats-people movie, but Tobe Hooper’s Eaten Alive aka Death Trap is slated for tonights viewing.

Slimetime was published between 1986-89 and had a run of 27 issues.

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My contemporary publications inspired by 80s classics like Slimetime are available HERE.

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