Victims of Cinema #3

Victims of Cinema #3
Trauma-Based Entertainment Exposed!

Progressive Malignancy: The mythology and early films of the actor formerly known as “EP”. An incredible look at the bizarre parallels of these early films, ancient mythology and modern paganism.

PEDO CINE SECRETS – An in-depth look at symbolism in Tobe Hooper’s The Funhouse and the undeniable pedo secrets revealed throughout the film. Also, a review of the repugnant Sonny Boy, a film that plays more like a how-to for Satanic Ritual Abuse.

Also, “The Elite World Order”, an insightful essay on the allegorical films of French filmmaker Alain Jessua. And more!

Cover: Peter Lorre in Fritz Lang’s M / Back: Juno/Wizard of Gore

Don’t miss this issue! You don’t need to be a film buff to appreciate Victims of Cinema! Victims of Cinema is now in the collection of the Museum of Modern Art Film Department in New York City!

Reviews and film analysis exposing hidden symbolism, indoctrination and programming. Victims of Cinema explores real world propaganda and the films that contribute to mass mind control/mass formation psychosis and conditioning. Do not miss this issue!



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