SUBURBICON: Elitist Fantasies of Hatred and Racial Division Presented as Truth

SUBURBICON (2017)  George Clooney

I don’t know if it’s just a string of bad coincidences or an institutionalized Hollywood trend, but I keep seeing movies where the young male children in maladjusted white families are terrorized by the parents. In a twisted political climate as we find ourselves in today, where alienated people call for violence against whites, I lean towards thinking that the cinematic terrorization of young white boys is no accident. But that’s just a byproduct of the real message of Suburbicon which is that all white people are horrible and are the root cause of all social unrest. Period.

The social engineering and race baiting in Suburbicon is a bit nauseating, so don’t bother with it, I’ll just tell you about it. And typical of Hollywood, perfectly fine black actors are pigeon-holed into having to play victimized blacks, forever cementing their roles and reinforcing narratives of racial injustice and division. Can’t good actors regardless of their skin color just play interesting characters or do they have to be tied down to some racial issue that the liberal/communist system refuses to let go of?

Hollywood keeping racial division alive.

The movie is a period piece taking place in the 50s, but I wasn’t even sure until midway through the film, thinking it was some throwback to a better time, a kind of utopian fantasy world where everyone’s picket fences were clean and all the yards were perfectly manicured. But the time period is really irrelevant and setting the film 75 years in the past was only a ploy to ratchet up the hate-mongering and to exploit an era when blacks did experience a lot more racial inequality. We can listen to the mainstream media tell us how racially divided we are as a country, but until they started repeating it, we were a healing, and as far as I could tell, a relatively happy and adjusted nation. But healing isn’t a money maker and it’s not something liberal politicians enjoy campaigning on. It’s division, inequality and social injustice that they know and that’s why far left Hollywood continues to feed that agenda and produce garbage propaganda like this that perpetuates negative stereotypes. They are the ones creating imagery that keeps these old issues alive which allows them to point to their own movies as proof of racism, inequality and social disease!

Suburbicon is a picture perfect neighborhood, an all-white enclave of upper middle class people who view their squeaky clean environment as a virtual paradise. There is no crime or drama of any kind…that is until a nice black family moves in and all hell breaks loose.  Suddenly there’s a murder which they are blamed for and once mild-mannered people begin a reign of holy terror.  It’s not long before the entire neighborhood is burning things, destroying property and violently protesting the arrival of this family. 

It’s a stupidly antiquated and offensive idea to suggest in a movie made in 2017, that the sight of black people turns previously well-behaved white people into maniacal racist thugs. It’s the flash card equivalent to propaganda filmmaking—White Person, Bigot; Black Person, Victim

In what appears to be a veiled reference to Trump’s border wall, neighbors on either side of the new family put up new, high fences to separate themselves from the black family they consider to be interlopers. The fencing is lame grasping at more negative parallels to be applied to issues of today.

Adding insult to injury, the final message left to us by George Clooney, is that we must listen to the children.  So after using the child actor as an emotional punching back for an hour and a half, Clooney continues to exploit the child a bit more to push one last globalist tactic on us by suggesting that the children are always right and we must look to them as the experts in all things of importance just as we’ve been trained to do with crisis actors/alarmists like David Hogg and Greta Thunberg because it’s the inexperience of children that can bring us together, to help erase all culture, destroy all history and deny all wisdom that comes from knowing our past.

Why do they always get blackeyes?

Notable bits of symbolism might require some independent research into an unpleasant rabbit hole or two. Obvious symbolism of the ever present All Seeing Eye is visible on the advertising and the two black eyes received by Matt Damon possibly reference the darkest of Hollywood evils that have to do with trafficking and children. This actually has relevance as the child character in Suburbicon is ritualistically maltreated throughout. That’s all I will say here, more clues: #pandaeyes

Victims of Cinema, the first 50 reviews can be obtained HERE.

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