AMERICAN ULTRA: MK Ultra Is So Cool, I Want To Be a Mind Controlled Drone Too!

AMERICAN ULTRA (2015) Nima Nourizadeh

I believe certain movies are made and information is shared with the public when the truth starts leaking out and there becomes a need to spin the narrative and rewrite history.  The CIA’s secret MK Ultra project that began in the 1950s became known to the public in the 70s amid claims that the project had been terminated. Uh uh. 

There is plenty of documentation online about it and many movies depicting CIA mind controlled assassins, but nothing has been presented that spells it out so plainly as this film. This is a stylized manipulation that attempts to depict a three time loser stoner as a superhero of chaos with a way too young Kristen Stewart portraying his handler and 5-year CIA veteran. So, yeah, we’re definitely in Hollywoodland. 

American Ultra is presented more as a comic book, a land of make believe where nothing is real, just like the fantasy football that two characters talk about or the escapist drawings done by Mike (Jesse Eisenberg).  In fact, every major character goes off script, deviates from their programming and does exactly the opposite of what they were trained to do as if to say that all of our programming can break down.  We are the mind controlled Mike and we are also the Good/Evil CIA that created, controlled and alternately wants to ‘help’ him.  The message is that we should not expect to trust or believe anyone and that our own senses will do us no good. In fact, in one scene, a gas is used on Mike the effect of which is to obliterate all of his senses. We’re just not really meant to know or see and when we do, it is with information that has been programmed into us. Such is the magic of moviemaking.

As a film, American Ultra is entertaining enough, a kind of Pineapple Express meets La Femme Nikita, it’s pure Hollywood, meaning we can not rely on it for accurate information regarding actual mind control, but it does give a good nugget of truth that is reported on in David McGowan’s book Programmed To Kill, which reveals that the CIA was very likely using mass murderers and serial killers as assets and cover for their own crimes.

Symbolism noted includes satanic hand gestures, Satanic Ritual Abuse submersion in water, rainbow programming, puzzle pieces, butterflies and others.. Social Engineering themes include programming which reinforces the male as useless loser and a bastardization of relationships, marriage and love.

Victims of Cinema, the first 50 reviews can be obtained HERE.

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