Did Spielberg’s MINORITY REPORT predict the appointment of Ketanji Brown Jackson?

MINORITY REPORT (2018) Steven Spielberg

New World Order fantasies.

Let’s just get it out of the way and say that anything Spielberg puts his hands on is laden with predictive programming and normalization of crap we would never want in our lives.  So no surprise that soon after the original release of this film I recall reading news stories about crime prevention through Orwellian style pre-crime predictions, which is what the premise of this movie is all about.

Acknowledging Orwell; their intentions always in plain sight.

Spielberg shows us a world where AI tracks our every thought and move and he gives us testimonials in the form of public service announcements that really only serve to communicate that the invasion of our minds is good for humanity. Classic social engineering tactics that breed a society of snitchers and fake virtue. Spielberg’s surveillance state film is a very gray and dismal place. The government facilities are all sleek glass and chrome, impersonal and stark with Orwellian-sounding names like Department of Containment, which is really a prison complex where people are encased in pods, there’s that word again. We see that people outside of the sleek system live in squalid, angry and dilapidated conditions. It’s a gray on gray world where the privileged resort to holograms and virtual reality to fool themselves into happiness. These are favorite themes of Spielberg.

Their favorite symbolism.

There is Illuminati-New World Order All-Seeing-Eye symbolism throughout the film. One character, completely devoid of vision even says, “In the land of the blind, the one-eyed man is king.” Almost as nauseating are two visuals of ‘666’, presented upside down as the number 9 repeated three times. Even worse is the hijacking of authentic spirituality and awareness, a cinematic participation in the fake New Age movement. Here, the pre-crime system virtually enslaves three individuals with precognitive abilities, or ‘pre-cogs’ as they are rudely called, treating them more like zoo animals than creatures of divine spirit. One telling scene depicts yoga as the farcical freak cult novelty that it’s become with so many who wish to label themselves as ‘spiritual’ after one session of hot yoga. In Spielberg’s world it very likely would work that way.

The fake new age is essential to the ‘new normal’.

The last and most unsettling bit of symbolism I picked up has connections to some dark stuff that’s been unraveling in the world in recent years. In the film, Tom Cruise searches for the kidnapper or killer of his young son. When he tracks him down and finds a man with a mattress covered in photos of presumably missing and murdered children, you can’t help but think of trafficking, pedophilia and Pedowood. And as new rabbit holes are investigated by people in the truth community, more discoveries of symbolism and connections are being made involving the white rabbit itself. If you will allow me these speculations, the rabbit represents everything from mind control and trafficking to Adrenochrome which, in its visual chemical form looks like a rabbit (!), the rabbit becomes more stylized and is also represented as the letter ‘Y’ signifying the bunny ears.

What is the significance of the sudden appearance of the ‘Y’ on Cruise’s face?

Now if we assume that master filmmakers like Spielberg or Kubrick leave nothing to chance, we can’t help but wonder about the real meaning of their symbols and messaging. Finally I will ask, Why does Tom Cruise have a peculiar and distinct ‘Y’-shaped cut on his face as he confronts the suspected pedophile killer? Well, the story gets a little convoluted, but Spielberg attempts to make the pedophile child killer out to be a victim of circumstances and it’s his love for his family that made him commit the crimes (?!). In the end, I’m just left feeling that in Steven Spielberg’s gray dystopian pre-crime world, pedophiles, child traffickers and those who operate in that filthy realm would be given a free pass and their crimes would never classify as being worthy of pre-detection.

Note: Since this review was first written in 2020, Ketanji Brown Jackson, a person who has trashed our Constitution and who has repeatedly given very light and reduced sentences to pedophiles and sex criminals has been appointed to the Supreme Court. We now have a pedophile enabler seated on the highest court and Spielberg has jumped much closer to his ideal vision of the future.

This review first appeared in the print version of Victims of Cinema. The first 50 reviews can be obtained HERE.

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