Socialist Propaganda in THE HUMANITY BUREAU

THE HUMANITY BUREAU (2017) Dir. Rob W. King. 

Where The Humanity Bureau fails as entertainment, it succeeds triumphantly in New World Order doom prophecy and socialist agenda programming. In the near future, the world is a poisoned and barren post-nuclear wasteland due in part to ‘climate change’.  We’re made to believe that climate change has even led to cannibalism, the selling of children and rampant child sex abuse. Society is now concentrated in cities and the outlying areas are deemed uninhabitable due to excessive radiation even though it is perfectly habitable. 

All-Seeing Socialist Breadline Symbolism

An agency called The Humanity Bureau has been created to determine how productive people are to society. If deemed a burden, these people, all of whom appear to live outside of the city proper, are forced to live in a place called New Eden. Bureau agent Nicolas Cage reminds them that it’s their duty to contribute more than they take. The blatant socialist propaganda is rubbed in our faces with unpleasant images of the lives of those who have chosen to live outside of that control system. One man has a ‘Make America Great’ poster on his wall, suggesting again that oppression of the individual and more government control is the only accepted ideology.

Early in the film a bureau agent is shot in the eye, creating a constant visual reminder of the all-seeing-eye symbolism and the power of those who possess it. A close-up shot of the man reveals that a piece of bread was inexplicably applied to his wound under two pieces of tape. In a place that never sees coffee, it is hard to imagine bread being available and its sudden appearance is pure socialist breadline symbolism. Interestingly, this same dark character is later shot in the heart while every other person we see eliminated is shot in the forehead or between the eyes, as if to obliterate their ‘third eye’ or their spirit which was free of government control. 

Another message we see is to condition people to the idea of having their movements restricted.  We see it today with excessive tolls, pressures to own electric cars which are impractical for traveling outside the city, ‘traffic calming’ tactics, and poor social credit scores that forbid travel, something we already see in China. The fears that are imposed on the population here are unfounded and serve only as a control mechanism.

The Humanity Bureau is not just an exercise in fear-mongering, but a spit in the face of those who don’t buy into the lies and propaganda. In fact the overarching message is that the human WILL can be broken and if it doesn’t budge, you will cease to exist. It’s about punishing those who enjoy their freedom by providing them with a ‘better’ life in New Eden which is revealed to be a death camp, a compound for mass cremation. This unsurprising revelation proves also the Orwellian name given the Humanity Bureau, which like Orwell’s Ministry of Love is in actuality a place of wholesale torture and abuse.

And as predictable as being lectured to by hypocritical celebrities, we are finally given one of Hollywood’s specialties, the disingenuous ending. This is a tactic more common than the bleating fears of climate crisis itself. This time, we experience the civil war/unrest the media teases us with daily, but in The Humanity Bureau, we must remember that it was the dirty, freedom-loving parasites who fired the first shot—at a black man no less. 

This review first appeared in the print version of Victims of Cinema. The first 50 reviews can be obtained here.

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