A QUIET PLACE: Or, Do They Just Want Us To Shut Up?

A QUIET PLACE (2018) Dir. John Krasinsky

Shhhh…what we do is secret…Or, do they just want us to shut up?

Here yet again is another movie aimed at telling its audience that men are of no importance and that women can handle things perfectly fine without them. We’ve seen how this woke feminst approach to storytelling destroys remakes like Ghostbusters and Charlie’s Angels, oh right, nobody went to see them because they SUCKED! 

A Quiet Place is so damned quiet because the world has been taken over by blind, but very fast moving aliens with extremely good hearing. If a character farts, one of these creatures will tear into the scene and rip the person out of the frame before he’s even finished. Aside from worrying about noisy bodily functions, the first ridiculous thing we need to trouble ourselves with is WHY the main characters decided to get pregnant and won’t the baby make lots of noise? As much as this film is loaded with woke messaging, it does go against the programming designed to make people fear having kids. We’ve seen how this plays out today with those people who accept the doom scenarios and start to wonder how wise it is to bring children into a world that might not be there by lunchtime. But in A Quiet Place, they don’t need to speculate about imminent death, they can expect that a crying baby would bring it immediately and yet they produce an infant that under their circumstances can only be considered as alien food.

No, really….shut up.

There’s also a special needs daughter (of course) who has a hearing aid that plugs into her head (a subtle nod to transhumanism?). Now if there was ever a time to be deaf, this movie is the place since nobody says anything and there is nothing to be heard, YET, thoughtful caring Dad spends his free time trying to create a super hearing aid that will allow his daughter to hear all the nothing that everyone else is listening to.

For the length of the film, provider Dad keeps his family safe, creates a home and devises safeguarding elements to increase their chances of survival and when the alien shit hits the fan, he sacrifices himself, dies  and suddenly the daughter figures out she can kill the creatures by amplifying sound from the hearing aids her Dad had been working on. 

This big discovery of course comes right when the baby is born and starts to cry, but the final shot of the wife and daughter poised to do battle against the creatures makes us feel safe, especially because they don’t need men to help them anymore. But their sudden smugness is like claiming victory over a jar of pickles after someone else already loosened the lid. 

A Smug Place

In the trailer for the sequel, a message reveals one of the other recurring messages in Doom Cinema—that humanity just isn’t worth it. “The people that are left are not the type of people worth saving.” Phhhtttt.

This review first appeared in the print version of Victims of Cinema. The first 50 reviews can be obtained HERE.

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